A tiny painless injection
can heal and preserve
your veins!

Venous insufficiency is one of the most spread diseases in today’s civilizations. 
Good news: Instead of life-time compression stockings or invasive vein surgery, IntraShape® technology can prevent, heal and preserve your veins.
IntraShape® achieves normalization of vein valves and vein walls by re-shaping 
diseased elements with natural substances such as hyaluronan gel.
Patented worldwide!

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IntraShape® can restore damaged and diseased vein valves and bring back their normal function. It also can strengthen stressed vein valves prior to dysfunction.
IntraShape® can normalize dilated veins – much more effective than compression stockings or bandages. What a comfort!

IntraShape® contributes to incredible immediate esthetic results for spider veins.


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The VENARTIS® group, due to ist history, has a primary focus on venous diseases. The originator of many or our projects was renowned Mr. Johann Chris Ragg, MD, founder of the European chain of angioclinic vein centers. He spent more than 25 years in intense research of vascular diseases and was the holder of dozens of medical patents worldwide. Today, VENARTIS® owns and continues his projects on a professional business level.

Investors are welcome to participate in the tremendous proceedings of vein therapy, which currently changes from surgery to minimally invasive techniques, and to effective prevention. There is no company in the world offering strategies and products for ALL relevant branches of phlebology, with several multi-billion-markets to be conquered right now.

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By the way, according to the medical research teams working for the VENARTIS® group,
vein diseases are not what everybody else will tell you. Core news: Most vein diseases are not at all chronic, 
but pretty well preventable and fully curable – with our knowledge.

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